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November 18th, 2016
Market research tool Use cases: What can I use this tool for? 
FinAccess indicators exploration tool        

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  • Find out what percentage of adults are using a range of formal and informal financial services and products in Kenya, overall and for sub-groups of the population defined by age, gender, wealth, geographic location and education.
  • Find out how usage rates have changed between 2006 and 2016 and identify the financial services that have spread the fastest in the population.
  • Find out whether gaps in access to financial services (e.g. between men and women) are closing or widening.

Datasets used: 2006 FInAccess household survey, 2009 FinAccess household survey, 2013 FinAccess household survey, 2016 FinAccess household survey

FinAccess segmentation tool


  • Discover who are the primary customer segments of different financial services.
  • For example, find out whether there are more urban, male mobile banking users than rural, male mobile banking users.
  • This tool can help identify customer segments that are not using a particular product and opportunities for capturing greater market share.

Datasets used: 2016 FinAccess household survey

FinAccess 2016 importance tool
Importance tool image
  • Find out which are the most popular financial products and services in the Kenyan market in terms of usage and perceived importance for a variety of customer segments.
  • Discover the reasons why certain financial products and services are valued more than others.

Datasets used: 2016 FinAccess household survey

FSP Maps
  • Find out where financial service access points (ATMs, bank branches, mobile money agents, SACCOs and others) and agricultural service points (agro-dealers, vets, warehouse and storage centers) are located across Kenya.
  • Discover how financial service and agricultural points are distributed in relation to other spatial data (such as population, urban areas and mobile coverage).

Datasets used: 2015 FinAccess geospatial



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