Kenya COVID-19 diaries

Kenya COVID-19 diaries

Kenya COVID-19 diaries
April 6th, 2020


This section holds a series of rapidly-produced blogs on how low-income Kenyans are coping with the changes in their lives induced by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This research was implemented in partnership between BFA Global and FSD Kenya. Read more about the Kenya Financial Diaries programme here.  We will continue checking in with Diaries participants throughout the crisis. For the latest news and insights from this work, follow @FSDKe and @BFAGlobal on Twitter, as well as hashtags #Covid19DiariesKenya and #KomeshaCorona.

Blogs and case studies

Waking up to the Covid health threat in Kenya 4 February 2021
“Maybe someone is out there fighting for you.” 18 November 2020
A bridge too far? Paying for school in an economic crisis 18 November 2020
How are things now? Summary of September/October COVID diaries findings 11 November 2020
Investors and indigents: Divergent trajectories of Kenyans in the COVID era 11 November 2020
Finance bends; will it break? 11 November 2020
Debts in Distress: How ordinary people are finding the liquidity they need to survive COVID 6 September 2020
Corona Case Studies: “Waiting for nothing 12 June 2020
Corona Case Studies: “Running out of options” 12 June 2020
Back to an empty market 10 June 2020
The buck stops with women 30 April 2020
If the coronavirus doesn’t kill you… 21 April 2020
“Our love has grown more” 21 April 2020
Corona Case Studies: Lost without church 20 April 2020
Corona Case Studies: Kibarua crunch 14 April 2020
Corona Case Studies: Should I stay, or should I go? 14 April 2020
Shamba bora (fertile farmland), Shamba la mawe (rocky farmland) 14 April 2020
Dilemmas of distancing 09 April 2020
Corona Case Studies: Mountains Beyond Mountains 09 April 2020
The costs of coping with Coronavirus 08 April 2020
Corona Case Studies: “If I had food, I would close the shop” 07 April 2020
The ultimate stress test for financial resilience 07 April 2020
When hustling fails: The impact of coronavirus mitigation efforts on ordinary people’s livelihoods 06 April 2020
Corona Case Studies: Loss of Income, Loss of Pride 06 April 2020

Kenyans & COVID-19 Financial Diaries Summary March-December 2020

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