Amrik Heyer

Amrik Heyer

Amrik spearheads FSD Kenya’s research agenda which operates across its programme to drive and deepen financial inclusion. Increasingly, research is becoming a central part of FSD Kenya’s offer to the market, where innovative research technologies and methods are being leveraged to expand outreach and increase the value proposition for low-income consumers. Amrik is responsible for driving a research agenda that effectively supports FSD Kenya’s partnerships with industry and policy makers. For example, through demonstrating the power of digital technology to leverage big data, while deepening insights on behaviour and needs through innovative methodologies such as financial diaries and linguistic/ethnographic techniques. Amrik oversees FSD Kenya’s collaboration with the Central Bank of Kenya in developing and delivering the FinAccess surveys to track supply and demand across different segments. Lastly, she is responsible for FSD Kenya’s impact research where producing evidence to ‘prove’ effectiveness is balanced ‘improving’ strategy, delivery and design. In collaboration with FSD Kenya’s communications officer, Amrik plans and manages the dissemination of research findings in relevant formats for target audiences. In a bid to develop new directions and activities for FSD Kenya’s research theme, Amrik is charged with the identification of new areas for work which will add value to FSD Kenya’s programme.

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