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Gendered financial products research

October 25th, 2021

Gendered financial products research

This research seeks to unearth the financial needs and demands of urban female retail traders in Kenya by exploring how their financial needs are being met, through which instruments, and in turn, where the opportunities lie to drive improved or increased access to financial products. The research:

  • Explores the financial needs and demands of urban female retail traders in Kenya across their lifetime
  • Evaluates existing financial services and the appropriateness of financial markets (formal and informal) in supporting that urban female retail traders’ needs and driving their wider economic inclusion (gaps and achievements)
  • Examines the supporting policies that enable the supply of financial services to urban female retail traders
  • Analyses the barriers to more extensive uptake and use of different financial products by urban female retail traders
  • Provides recommendations for Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and policymakers to promote the financial inclusion of urban female retail traders

The research was done in partnership with Dalberg and consists of a comprehensive deck, as well as one deck focused on FSPS and one on Policymakers.

:Gendered financial products FSPs-min

:Gendered financial products Policymakers-min

:Gendered financial products Synthesis deck-min



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