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Drought, digital innovation, and money: How the hunger safety net cash transfer programme has transformed access to financial services in the arid lands of Kenya

Joyce Apus is a witty mother of eight who entertains visitors with her unconventional love story. How she met the man of her dreams in Kalokol, a small fishing community by the shores of Lake Turkana.

“He was light skinned,” she says. “You can see I am quite dark. So, I thought the children would have a fair complexion.”

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Graduation Resilience study findings for phase 1 and 2

FSD Kenya implemented a four-year pilot graduation project targeting beneficiaries of the Hunger Safety Net Programme (HSNP) in Laisamis Sub County (Laisamis, Gudas, Logologo, Korr, Merille, Irrir), which provides a bi-monthly cash transfer of Ksh 5,400 (about US$ 54).

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