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Social networks of mobile money in Western Kenya
Digital finance

API best practices

Beneath the surface of many of the disruptive applications we use everyday is a growing web of APIs – application program interfaces that enable applications to “talk” to one another.

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Human centered design Africa toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to help you generate solutions in many different fields of interest, from agriculture, to manufacturing, to banking and new technology.

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Government and regulators

FSD Kenya: Ten years of a market systems approach in the Kenyan finance market

Kenya is seen widely as a ‘stand out’ success story on financial inclusion. The ten-year period from 2005 to 2015 witnessed enormous change in the financial sector.

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Annual reports

2015 Annual report

This reports gives an overview of the major issues surrounding financial inclusion during 2015 and highlights 10 of our initiatives.

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The use of M-Shwari in the jua kali sector

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