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CIS for innovation and financial Inclusion: “Mikopo Kisasa”

April 19th, 2016

This report captures the highlights of the third regional CIS conference themed “CIS for Innovation and Financial Inclusion – Mikopo Kisasa!”

Highlights include:-

1. Endorsement by policymakers of CIS goals of promoting access to affordable credit in the region’s economies;
2. The need for unified legislation to promote increased participation in CIS;
3. The importance of implementation of cross-border data sharing amongst EAC credit markets;
4. The need for consumers to reap the benefits of a good credit history;
5. The benefits of using Alternative Dispute Resolution for resolving CIS-related disputes;
6. The value of self-regulation for timely, comprehensive and improved data accuracy;
7. The use of CRB data and tools in banking supervision; and
8. The urgent need to address the skills gap that exists in Africa with regard to data analytics.

The report also contains coverage of the Nairobi Business Community Summit.


CIS Kenya. (2016). CIS for innovation and financial Inclusion: “Mikopo Kisasa”. Nairobi, Kenya: CIS Kenya.




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