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Jenga Green Library: Promoting climate smart housing

May 31st, 2022

Kenya Green Building Society launched the Jenga Green Library on 20th April 2022 in Nairobi.

Jenga Green Library is a directory of green building materials and services, developed by Kenya Green Building Society in partnership with Financial Sector Deepening Kenya, designed to be a one-stop-shop for displaying the entire supply chain of sustainable building materials and services.

The directory, created by engaging with suppliers to collect data in a standardised and transparent format, will serve as a free digital open-source library. It currently hosts 140+ products from 20+ service providers.  Kenya Green Building Society will regularly update the directory as more suppliers submit information about their products and services.

Speaking at the launch attended by over 150 attendees from both the public and private sectors, Ted Otieno, Chair of Kenya Green Building Society said, “By 2025, the world will require one billion more houses. The decisions we make to accommodate this growth will have ramifications for future generations as well as the environment.”

The Jenga Green Library is a free and active tool that aims to:

  1. Reduce waste and pollution during the delivery of the built environment by encouraging the use of low-carbon materials.
  2. Assist developers and homeowners in selecting products and materials that perform well over time and do not degrade, which is an important aspect of circularity/sustainability in the building sector.
  3. Advise policy makers on how to implement a circular model in the building and construction industry.

FSD Kenya’s CEO Tamara Cook showcased findings of housing conditions from the FinAccess survey 2021  and emphasised the need for funding institutions to recognise the inherent green nature of affordable housing units due to their extremely small built-up size (and hence low utilisation of materials) and heavy usage of public transport by the target occupiers.

A panel discussion on promoting green building materials more affordably was held during the launch event. The discussion, moderated by Cecilia Wandiga (Executive Director of Centre for Science and Technology Innovations), had Simon Dixon (Kwangu Kwako Ltd), Jane Waiyaki-Maina (Head of Sustainability and Responsible Business Partnerships, Absa Bank), Wycliff Waburiri (Treasurer, Architects Association of Kenya), Winnie Ngumi, (Chair, Building, Mining and Construction Sector – Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Space & Style Ltd CEO), and Kurt Gugelev Shapiro (Plastiki Rafiki), as panellists.

Jenga Green Library is available as a web app accessible using your favourite browser, an android app or iOS app here:

Download the FinAccess 2021 Housing conditions slides



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