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Technology and the Future of the Financial Sector in Africa: Centering Ethical Innovation

June 10th, 2022

Technology has played and will continue to play a central role in financial sector development in Africa and in enabling Africans to access financial services and products.

The dynamism of the fintech ecosystem in particular has brought immense immediate and potential opportunities that can be leveraged to improve the financial and economic position and freedom of billions of people.

This presentation assesses the emerging ethical risks and dilemmas that ought to be managed in fintech development in Africa and provides ideas on how to centre ethical innovation in financial sector development.

The presentation was presented as a keynote presentation at a conference convened by Stanford University, California Polytechnic State University and Copenhagen Fintech titled ‘Examining Ethical Risks and Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies’. It the draws deeply both from FinAccess 2021 and a 5-year project undertaken by FSD Kenya on financial innovation in the real economy.

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