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Social Security: A pillar of inclusive growth for Kenya?

April 3rd, 2023

FSD Kenya takes a new look at social protection in terms of its impacts not just on vulnerability, but also on growth.

For a number of years, FSD Kenya has been closely involved in Kenya’s social protection journey, supporting government and development partners to deliver cash transfers to remote areas through the Hunger Safety Net Programme, and later, through Inua Jamii.

More recently, in an effort to investigate pathways to strengthen resilience and inclusivity, FSD Kenya commissioned a new study which rigorously investigates the relationship between social protection and growth. To quantify potential impacts, FSD Kenya also commissioned a modeling of returns to GDP from an investment expanded coverage of universal social security in Kenya.

The study finds that expanded universal coverage delivered under a rights-based framework not only supports household wellbeing, but can deliver significant returns to growth in the short, medium and longer term.

Given the strain on Kenya’s fiscal position and rising external debt, financing such an investment would be a challenge. However, there are multiple financing options which are can be considered. In sum, the study argues that, especially in the current juncture, Kenya cannot afford to not invest in a universal, life-cycle social security framework for the country’s development.

Social Security – A pillar of inclusive growth for Kenya (Full report)

Social Security – A pillar of inclusive growth for Kenya (Executive summary)

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