Podcast: FSD Kenya’s Anzetse Were speaks on Innovation in Africa

January 28th, 2021

In this episode of Santa Clara University’s “Line of Sight” podcast, FSD Kenya Economist, Anzetse Were, highlights how innovation within Africa can address social injustices, M-Pesa as an active element of shifting financial norms in Africa, promoting competition in an environment full of monopolies, using the technological ecosystem to create a sense of ownership in which Africa is playing a role in its innovation, fostering innovation in the private sector, prominent ethical issues within the work that she does, and the implications of COVID 19 to Africa’s economy and society that delve deeper than businesses closing: the bigger picture.

“Line of Sight” is an interview-format podcast that presents a unique view of innovation by bringing technologists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries into provocative conversations with two of the world’s top thought leaders in the fields of social justice and ethics, Santa Clara University’s Brigit Helms and Don Heider.

This podcast was originally broadcast here on the “Line of Sight” website.

Anzetse Were is an economist at FSD Kenya. Twitter: @FSDKe



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