Paul Makin

Paul Makin

Paul Makin has been active in the specification, development, deployment, and operation of DFS services in emerging markets for around 30 years, when he was the co-creator of the M-PESA mobile money service. Recently he has also been extensively involved in the development of strategies for customer onboarding in the light of developments in digital identity, KYC, the emerging KYC utilities, the growing emphasis on customer privacy and data protection, and the lack of conventional digital footprints amongst the so-called ‘digital natives’. He has worked with mobile operators, banks and financial regulators across Europe, Africa and South Asia in the development and regulation of new financial services. He offers significant experience of deploying innovative digital financial services and solutions as well as an in-depth understanding of considered operational and information security best practice within the global retail payments industry. Paul’s technical background is in payments (including international card schemes, mobile payments and cryptocurrencies), digital banking, biometrics, cryptography, mobile communications and digital identity, with experience gained in Europe, North America, Africa and South Asia. He has authored a number of publications specifically covering Security aspects of Digital Financial Services (for the ITU), Digitizing agriculture value chains and Biometrics in Digital Finance.

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