Mark Kimondo

Mark Kimondo

Mark possesses extensive bank experience gained from working in various functions in the banking industry as well as subsequent consultancy opportunities in microfinance and SACCOs. He is a Bachelor of Science (physics and mathematics) graduate from Egerton University. He has certification for process improvement from KPMG and process management from BP Group and is Six Sigma certified by Venture House and IBM in the UK. Mark is also a trained risk management consultant certified by Oikocredit and Microsave locally. In the banking industry, Mark worked in various divisions i.e. Information Technology; Retail; Change; Risk Management; Operations; Human Resources; Barclaycard; and Consumer Credit with the last four at senior management level. In consultancy, he has participated as a team player and as a team leader in various financial inclusion initiatives and consistently delivered on agreed objectives. Most recently, he successfully led the review of SACCOs capacity for credit information sharing (CIS) in which key recommendations were made to support SACCOs active participation with overall improvement of credit risk to the sector. His background and experience have primed him to a senior business analyst consulting in defining and implementation of business processes; supporting systems; resource structures and overall risk management in various financial institutions. Relevant consultancy assignments undertaken are in: 1. Design and documentation of efficient processes; procedures; & service level agreements to ensure consistent and predictable services. Specific activities include facilitation of process definition workshops; documenting the agreed processes and detailed supporting procedures. 2. Mainstreaming of risk management culture within a business. Specific activities include risk management training, facilitating Self Risk Assessment Workshops; and implementing risk management tools e.g. snap checks and incident reports 3. Process metrics generation and assessment. This entails describing the measure; identification of its parameters, recommending reporting frequency; detailing thresholds of statuses per respective measure and conducting organization or field assessments 4. Guiding organisations through Business Process Improvement especially during implementation of new products or systems. Key activity is reviewing impact of proposed change with customer in mind and re-working all associated processes for efficiency. Also, design roles and structures that best support the new processes.

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