Jeremy Leach

Jeremy Leach

Jeremy is recognised as a global expert in emerging consumer insurance specialising in digital models and has been involved in advising, researching and implementing many initiatives across the world from South Africa to Ghana to Pakistan and Brazil. Jeremy is the founding CEO of Inclusivity Solutions, a specialist in creating inclusive digital insurance markets in emerging markets. He has executive experience in both the private and public sector having been a Director at BFA, a global consultancy focused on innovation in responsible financial services and Divisional Director and Head: Microinsurance at the Hollard Insurance Group driving a number of their low income insurance innovations internationally from product development to distribution to consumer engagement. Prior to Hollard, he was Executive Director at FinMark Trust, a think tank, where he was responsible for insurance and mobile money, amongst many other things, both of which have had global impact. He is a Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) and holds an MSc in International Development (Bath, UK). He is a founder member and adviser to Cenfri, a member of the IAIS-Micro Insurance Network Joint Working Group on Micro-insurance and has served on the Short Term Insurance Advisory Committee at the behest of the Minister of Finance of South Africa and on the board of MicroEnsure, a global microinsurance intermediary. He speaks regularly at international conferences on micro-insurance, m-insurance and innovation in financial services.

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