Froukje Krijtenburg

Froukje Krijtenburg

Froukje Krijtenburg is a linguistic anthropologist. Her disciplinary interests include culture and communication, and social cognition. Her geographical focus is East and Southern Africa, especially Kenya and Malawi. From 2011-2015 she worked as a postdoc at VU University Amsterdam, in the research programme “Development as a Trojan Horse?: Large Scale Foreign Land Acquisitions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Uganda”. During this period Froukje also participated in a research project led by Financial Sector Deepening Trust Kenya, in which she explored everyday concepts of ‘borrowing’/‘lending’ and ‘saving’ among the Kamba people of Kitui (Kenya). Her doctoral thesis (2007) was about everyday concepts of ‘peace’ and ‘conflict’ among the Giryama of Kenya. During her term at the ASCL she is developing a research programme together with Prof. dr Chibuike Uche and dr Felix Ameka within the domain of financial inclusion in Africa.

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