Anne Marie Van Swinderen

Anne Marie Van Swinderen

For 24 years Anne Marie has lived and worked in different developing economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In each country she tries to intensively engage with local people and learn about their way of living and their strategies to cope with financial challenges. Anne Marie closely followed the achievements and at a later stage the challenges and a crisis of a savings group in Bolivia, of women trying to set up a trading business in a remote village in Zambia, and people in Vietnam trying to find relatives that had gone missing in the war. In Bangladesh she learned to speak very reasonable Bengali, to do her MPhil research interviewing 400 households without needing translation. In addition, Anne Marie worked for two years on a local contract for BRAC in Bangladesh on the Rural Enterprise Project and developing their social impact measurement system (1989-91) and initiated financial diaries research on the Colombian coast which has resulted in a wealth of data on the basis of which 3 projects have been designed to improve financial inclusion and develop appropriate financial services for low-income people. Currently, she is the Founder and Managing Director of Low-Income Financial Transformation (L-IFT).

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