Opportunities and practice of green finance in Kenya

February 20th, 2024

FSD Kenya’s Senior economist Anzetse Were delivered this presentation to government officials and development partners on the opportunities and practice of green finance in Kenya.

In her capacity as an appointee to the Inter-Agency Taskforce on the development of the National Climate Finance Mobilisation Strategy for Kenya by The National Treasury and Economic Planning, she outlines:

  1. How climate change interferes with economic opportunity: Discusses the challenges posed by climate change to economic development in Kenya.
  2. The green finance opportunity for Kenya: Explores the potential for green finance initiatives to address environmental concerns while promoting economic growth.
  3. Green and climate finance stakeholders and systems in Kenya: Examines the existing stakeholders and systems involved in green and climate finance within the Kenyan context.
  4. Pillars for a conducive environment for green finance mobilisation: Outlines key factors necessary to create an enabling environment for the mobilisation of green finance in Kenya.

Opportunities and Practice of Green Finance in Kenya

Anzetse Were has also been recognised as the second most-read sustainability global thought leader on the topic of social responsibility by illuminem, a leading platform in sustainability information. Her article for illuminem provides insight on the impacts of climate change on fiscal and monetary policy in Africa. She is the only African on the list and certainly the only African woman.

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