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James Kashangaki

James Kashangaki

Chief Programme Officer

James has worked for over 20 years in the financial sector in both the developing and developed world with a growing focus on expanding access, inclusion, and usage of finance in Africa by making financial markets work for the less fortunate in society.

He has extensive knowledge of conditions in developing markets, particularly in East and Southern Africa.  James has developed a comprehensive background in project appraisal, design, and development as well as implementation and monitoring.  He began his work with the Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Kenya (FSD Kenya) in 2006 as the Head of SME finance.   

Over the years his role in the organisation has grown and from 2010, he served as the Head of Inclusive growth until his appointment in 2019 to his current role as Chief Programme Officer.  Among other notable achievements at FSD Kenya, James has been instrumental in the development of credit market infrastructure and has overseen projects to catalyse both credit information sharing and the secured transaction regime.

In his current role, James is responsible for the delivery of FSD Kenya's results through projects in financial sector policy and infrastructure, finance for agriculture and processing, climate smart results, health and affordable housing, as well as trade.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, James’s advice was solicited by various government departments on mitigation policy for MSMEs.  Mr. Kashangaki has an MBA in Finance from the William E. Simon business school at the University of Rochester, and an MPA in International economic policy from SIPA at Columbia University, NYC. He is also a certified executive coach.   

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