Transforming finance for enterprises through action research

August 3rd, 2015

FSD Kenya has worked and continues to work with a number of Kenyan financial institutions and other stakeholders towards improving the delivery of finance for enterprise.

Using an action research based approach of working with its partners FSD Kenya aims to help financial institutions review how they currently work with their enterprise clients and how they can become more in-tune with the needs of these clients.


The Approach

The approach involves developing and testing good practice in the provision of enterprise finance and capturing the shared learning that emerges. Financial institutions use this learning to revise their policies and practices and put in place services, products and systems that are more effective for growing businesses in the Kenyan market place

Our Resources

FSD Kenya captured this emerging knowledge and good practice in a series of published briefing notes, how-to guides, and technical notes (available as free downloads )

The team is composed of a dynamic professionals based in Nairobi working together with a group of international and local consultants engaged in providing SME banking services to financial institutions. To find out more, contact us at or visit our Linked In GrowthCap Forum page.



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