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Invitation to tender: FinAccess deep-dive consultants

March 2nd, 2022


Project: Research
Contract: FinAccess deep-dives consultants

The Financial Sector Deepening (Kenya) Trust (FSD Kenya) invites you to submit a tender for the above contract in accordance with the below terms of reference and other supporting documents.

Bidders are expected to provide
valid registration documents and documentation for tax compliance in the country of jurisdiction alongside their technical and financial proposal as part of a minimum eligibility requirement to be considered for evaluation. Failure to comply with this requirement will render the bidder unresponsive and not considered for evaluation. Failure to attach the above-mentioned documents and proposals will make the bidder unresponsive and will not be considered for evaluation.

FSD Kenya will undertake a due diligence assessment and screening of the preferred Bidder to include reference checks. FSD Kenya will share a Third-party screening questionnaire to process the assessment and screening. Bidder will be shared FSD Kenya Third Party Screening Questionnaire to complete in order to process the assessment and screening. FSD Kenya reserves the right to proceed or reject Bidder(s) depending on the outcome of this assessment and consider the next ranked bidder. The findings of this assessment will be kept confidential and used internally for the purposes of this evaluation.

FSD Kenya reserves the right to accept any tender (s) or to reject all tenders at any time. FSD Kenya also reserves the right to cancel this procurement at any point in time prior to award of the contract.

If you would like to lodge a complaint in regard to this procurement process, please write to
tenders@fsdkenya.org with the reference “FinAccess deep-dive consultants” FSD Kenya procurement team will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within three (3) working days.

During the course of this procurement if you come across any issues of bribery, corruption or wrong doing on FSD Kenya part, please feel free to contact Ulla Balle, FSD Kenya Chief Operations Officer at
ulla.balle@fsdkenya.org or transparency@fsdkenya.org.

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