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Showcasing the value of data for the growth of affordable housing

January 23rd, 2023

Data on the supply, demand and financing of housing is important for shaping policy and informing the behaviour of market participants. This is critical for Kenya’s affordable housing programme, which seeks to mix private and public sector investment into the housing sector.

Recent work exploring Kenya’s housing data uncovered a rich landscape of data spanning administrative and survey sources, that could provide valuable insights into the state of Kenya’s housing market.

However, much of this data sits with different curators and is hidden in publications or is yet to be analysed from a housing perspective. As a result, much of Kenya’s housing-relevant data remains unused, while analysts and stakeholders spend resources on locating data, leaving less time to engage with the insights it provides across the value chain.

To address this gap, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has been collaborating with The Financial Sector Deepening Trust Kenya (FSD Kenya) together with other partners including: the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), 71point4 and REALL  to develop and pilot a digital platform to provide access to affordable housing data.

The affordable housing data explorer builds on data opportunities identified from a data landscape study undertaken as part of the Data Agenda for Housing in Africa.

The objective of the data explorer is to provide a platform for a comprehensive and publicly available “one-stop-shop” for key indicators related to housing.

Underpinning the approach is a focus on the integrity of the KNBS data pipeline – that is, how data finds its way from having been collected, through to being verified and ultimately presented for public consumption.

To this end, the data presented is clearly referenced and can be traced back to source. All metadata and relevant documents related to the indicators are disseminated through this mechanism, allowing users to assess data accuracy and applicability given the underlying use case. This builds confidence in the data and improves the overall landscape of information available to investors, supporting market growth. The data explorer has taken about a year to develop and has involved several technical workshops with key stakeholders.

To raise awareness of the affordable housing data explorer, KNBS and FSD Kenya in partnership with the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF), 71point4 and REALL will formally launch the affordable housing data explorer through a webinar on Wednesday 15th February 2023, 1100hrs to 1300hrs EAT. 

Register in advance for for the webinar (Zoom link).



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